Excellence in pork

Comprehensive control of the production chain

At FRIUSA, the highest quality in our products is guaranteed through the control of all steps in our value chain, from genetics laboratories to the last step in the elaboration of our products.

The highest quality is guaranteed in fresh and frozen meats thanks to the comprehensive control of the production chain, direct from the farm to the market. These have allowed us to earn the most important food quality certifications during all these years.

Food Quality & Safety

From the FRIUSA Quality Department, Work is being done to ensure the quality and safety of the products we distribute, complementing current regulations complying with the demands of the consumers.

The Analysis of Danger and Critical Control Points(ADCCP) is the Food safety method used in our facilities to attain these objectives.

  • Good practices of handling and recognized work procedures are established in operations that are important for minimizing the contamination of the meat;
  • The programs of self-control are applied continually and are revised and updated periodically;
  • The Critical Points are controlled and the system is checked to make sure that it works efficiently.

Environmental Care

FRIUSA is a company committed to the natural environment and we have assumed the daily challenge of minimizing our impact.

  • The waste waters are correctly purified and present quality parameters in the treated water that comply with the demanding current regulations;
  • The solid waste generated is managed separately depending on the treatment they have to be given and work is done to minimize its production.