Well-coordinated teamwork speaks About Us

Commitment to quality

Our client satisfaction and, especially, the final costumer’s, depends heavily on the quality of the products we produce and distribute all over the world.

Our working process

The great variety of cuts in the breaking up process in FRIUSA allows a large variety of Halal products to be offered, much better adapted to the true needs of each of our customers.


Frigorificos Unidos S.A

FRIGORIFICOS UNIDOS S.A “FRUISA” is located in RIUDELLOTS DE LA SELVA, in the province of Gerona, Spain. It started in 1968 as part of the Animal Slaughtering and Processing Industry. And has always been engaged in the sacrifice, breaking up, and commercialization of pork, veal, and lamb.

FRIUSA has managed to become a solid company on the market, with a constant evolution highlighting the professionalism, the effort, the experience of all of its team in adapting the installations and products to the market demands, always with the objective of gaining the maximum satisfaction of our customers and suppliers.

In 1994, FRIUSA created the international division which is dedicated exclusively to importing frozen and refrigerated products from around the world. They are all imported with the same commitment: to give our customers quality products that satisfy the demands of current markets with a maximum guarantee.



We have the most modern facilities for sacrificing, breaking up the meat, and distributing the products with the maximum guarantee of quality, hygiene, and traceability, all with a great commitment of respect for the environment.

We have brought sufficient, necessary systems for the correct operation of the process of analyzing dangers and critical control points.


FRIUSA  has a daily logistics service that allows fresh meat and meat products of the best quality to be delivered around the world. The raw materials are carefully selected from the farms of top suppliers, passing all veterinary controls before and after they are broken up, ensuring they reach the table with the best guarantee.