FRUISA is located in RIUDELLOTS DE LA SELVA, in the province of Gerona, Spain. It started in 1968 as part of the Animal Slaughtering and Processing Industry

Certified in Halal Meat

FRIGORIFICOS UNIDOS S.A has been committed to producing and exporting Halal-certified meat products since 1999.

The great variety of cuts in the breaking up process in Friusa allows a large variety of Halal products to be offered, channels, quartering, or break-up so that we can adapt to the true needs of each of our Moslem customers.

HALAL Quality & Safety

FRIGORIFICOS UNIDOS S.A. began to sacrifice HALAL ovine and bovine animals following Islamic Rite in 1999. To do this, we have the most modern installations for sacrificing, cutting up the meat, and distributing the products with the maximum guarantees of quality, hygiene, and traceability.

To be able to do all of this, we have two slaughtering lines, one for lambs and the other for calves, in which a Ritual Box was set up facing Mecca to immobilize the animals, avoiding suffering and facilitating the throat-cutting process and the safety of the Moslem believer responsible for the sacrifice.

The word Halal means “allowed, authorized or healthy.” For food or drink to be considered Halal, it must adapt to the Islamic rules set out in the Koran, in the traditions of the Prophet, and in the teachings of the Islamic jurists. Applied to foodstuffs, this means that they are suitable to be consumed by Moslems because they have been made following the requirements of Islamic Law.

  • The animals have to be sacrificed facing Mecca, by a preferably Moslem believer, invoking the name of God.
  • The food must be free of all substances or ingredients that are not licit (Haram) or any component that comes from a forbidden animal, and must not come into contact with forbidden substances or products during their preparation, production, processing, storage, and transport.

All of the Halal sacrificed animals in FRIUSA have a Halal guarantee stamp “L’aham Halal”, written in Arabic, and are certified by the IMAN MUSA JALLOW, the Iman of the Bilal mosque in Gerona.

We also have frozen fish, which are all Halal and do not need to be sacrificed.